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Wouldn't it be great to offer beginner archery instruction at your school, without the set up costs involved? The Handy Archer provides the necessary equipment and can come to your school either during the day, or after school hours.

Archery is suitable for all ages, from 6 year-olds upwards. Imagine the great sense of achievement the children get when they shoot their first gold bullseye! Archery is a really fun sport and getting involved gives children's confidence a great boost, improves their overall fitness and concentration levels. It also uses mental maths skills when calculating scores. Children don't need any previous experience as they will get full instruction in a safe and reassuring environment.

Course Content

Even in a single session, once all the safety instruction is covered we can get started straight away so pupils can get familiar with the equipment and start shooting their first arrows. After some one-to-one tuition, they will have the basic knowledge and skills to enjoy team games. In longer courses of 6-8 sessions, accuracy and confidence quickly grow and a further form of archery known as Recurve can be learned.

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